30 Day Character Building Challenge

Day Two

Physical appearance.

The death of a novel starts when you take aside two paragraphs to describe what your protagonist looks like. It’s perfectly fine to imagine them, and it’s definitely encouraged to let your reader know – just not all at once. Pepper in those details little by little, and let your reader build the character themselves.

Appearance can matter when building your character – but not in the ways you expect. When describing them today, consider how their appearance matters (or doesn’t) to them. Not you. THEM.

Does their appearance affect their self-esteem? Do they dress for themselves or to appease others? Do they give a damn what other people think?

How would they feel if they were forced to dress the opposite of how they normally would? Talk about how they carry themselves. Do they have good posture or do they slouch too much? Are they neat and tidy, or would they show up somewhere in their pajama pants?

Remember that these choices are theirs, and figure out why they decide these things.

Don’t forget to comment below, and talk about your character!

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