30 Day Character Building Challenge


After the deep dive yesterday, I imagine we’re all a little emotionally raw. Remember, sometimes it takes years of therapy to hit the root of the problem. If you’re still working on that section, take all the time you need. Don’t rush it too much.

Today will be much more fun.

Build a playlist for your character and side characters. Avoid your own personal biases. Sure, we’re three dimensional human beings with a vast array of taste and preference. Yes, we want our characters to be three dimensional.

But this particular exercise is a little different.

You might listen to the Top 40s Hits more than anything else. You might listen to the 90s station the most. You might like some obscure band that only has two albums, yet somehow they’re in your “top streamed of 2020.”

Figure out what songs your character would latch on to the hardest. Perhaps they don’t like music at all (in that event, I must ask, what’s wrong with them). I would even go so far as to suggest you make two playlists. One as the character, and a second as songs that you would want on the soundtrack of their life.

This can help you figure them out as people. Sometimes, dissecting lyrics inspires me with rich story for a character’s background.

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