30 Day Character Building Challenge

Day Eight

What scares your character?

I don’t mean jumpscares or spiders. It’s easy to say that someone is afraid of heights or bugs. Don’t give me that – it’s boring!

We’re gonna revist day six, so get those tissues ready.

When I asked what makes your character cry, I thought about something I heard in class once. A professor told us, people might cry because they aren’t brave enough to change. I believe it was in reference to a class discussion, where some of the students got pretty passionate.

A few people heard things they didn’t necessarily want to hear.

You can apply this to real life – but right now, we’re focusing on your character.

Write a letter as your character, to the person or event that inflicted their inner wound/caused their inner turmoil.

Let those emotions guide you – do not go easy on your character or yourself. Embrace the anger, the sadness, the pain. This is where your character can safely air out their grievances, and you can observe how they feel afterward. That feeling is the goal. That’s where they should be near the end of their journey.

Think about what would happen if they did change. What’s the worst that could come of it? Why should they go ahead and grow?

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