30 Day Character Building Challenge

Day Twelve

Naming Your Babies.

Admittedly, I ride the struggle bus on this a lot.

In the original draft of my book (The Cuddle Project), Ozzie’s name was Reggie. Ultimately, I had to axe a name I liked for the character, because it didn’t work with his surname. Ozzie Bellrose rolled off the tongue easier.

It also said more about him. The name was spunky and different, just like Ozzie.

When selecting names for your characters, don’t think too hard about giving everyone a wacky name. Save the weird stuff for the weird people. Average names aren’t a bad thing to have. This applies to side characters especially.

Find names that fit the character; don’t pick a boring name unless the character is boring. Take some time to dig deeper into the meanings. Name them something that means the opposite of what they are, if you’re going for irony. Name them something grand if they’re supposed to save the world. You get the picture.

Another piece of advice – try to avoid using the same initial too often. This, I personally feel, applies more to YA. You don’t want to confuse your reader. John, Jacob, and Joseph don’t need to all be characters. There’s a million names in the world, and twenty-six letters in the alphabet. No need to stay stuck.

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