30 Day Character Building Challenge

Day Twenty-Nine

There are no second chances for a first impression.

Your opening scene needs to matter. You need to decide where and why that scene is the best point for someone to dive into your protagonists’ life.

Here are some quick tips:

1.) Provide just a taste of their inner mind/wound. Bait and hook the reader.

2.) Don’t describe their age or clothes unless it actually matters in the moment. Those are things you can drop subtly (if at all) later.

3.) Share with the reader a glimpse of their everyday life.

4.) Use ACTIONS to convey their personality.

For example, I started a small project with a character called Hogarth.

When we meet him in the opening scene, he’s repeating directions to himself, while grasping the straps of his backpack with both hands. He flinches when people walk too close, and is quick to swerve out of anyone’s way.

Already, you can start to visualize him. From his name, to his actions – you understand something about this character. There were no mentions of age or appearance, either.

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