Jam Lopez

is an out and proud Latinx, writing LGBTQ+ stories.

He’s best known for spilling coffee on his laptop and crying.

At a young age, his father shared Stephen King novels and films with him, inspiring Jam to create his own content. He cites King as one of the many authors who influenced his writing, as well as Natalie Diaz, Minfong Ho, George Orwell, Jane Austen, and Tommy Orange.

His childhood was also filled with pages from storytellers such as Barbara Park and Eleanor Estes. Their children’s books sparked his love for reading, and he hopes to create at least one children’s book of his own.

Currently, Jam writes contemporary fiction, with his personal touch of humorous flair. All of his work features LGBTQ+ characters, and he plans to write books of various genres – including, but not limited to, supernatural, superhero fiction, drama, comedy, and romance.

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